6. Challenges of EBVM

6.2. What is helping to address the challenges?

6.2. What is helping to address the challenges?

A close dialogue with practitioners will help raise awareness of the existing evidence and can inform the direction of future research. There is recognition within the veterinary profession that a greater collaboration and investment in research is required to create a better evidence base from which to inform clinical decision-making.

Collating and analysing existing data

    Initiatives to collate data held within clinical record systems (e.g. VetCompass  and SAVSNET ) aim to analyse disease trends, interventions and treatments and provide information for academics, clinicians and the public.

Evidence summaries

    These are concise summaries of the best available evidence for a clinical question. Evidence summaries save practitioners time, by allowing them to see the 'clinical bottom line' at the click of a button, and facilitate evidence-based clinical decision-making. Examples of open access evidence summaries are:

Perhaps you have a clinical question on which you would like to see a Knowledge Summary written? Submit your clinical query to RCVS Knowledge . Or you might like to have a go at writing your own Knowledge Summary  ?