4. The development of EBVM

4.1. How does EBVM compare to EBM?

4.1 How does EBVM compare to EBM?

EBVM has drawn upon expertise in the medical field, where applying the principles in practice has become widely accepted. For example, in the UK the NICE guidelines provide human healthcare professionals with guidance and advice on the evidence across broad health and social care topics.

Human healthcare professionals’ and veterinarians’ practices are in many ways similar, but significant differences between EBM and EBVM exist, including:

  • patient–(owner)–clinician relationship
  • availability and quality of scientific literature
  • funding and insurance models
  • expectations of end-of-life care.

These differences affect how we approach evidence-based practice in the veterinary context and will be explored throughout the course.

A question to ponder:

How often do I use evidence to aid my own clinical decision-making in veterinary practice?