What next?

1. Continuing your EBVM journey

Continuing your EBVM journey

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Congratulations! You’ve completed the EBVM Learning course. We hope you feel you’ve improved your knowledge about EBVM, and thought of ways you can apply it to your everyday practice.

There is an increasing momentum behind EBVM within the profession, so there will be growing numbers of resources for you to access to continue to improve your EBVM learning. If you haven’t done so already, check out the links within this course and see what else is out there on different sites.

Other ideas would be to submit a clinical query to RCVS Knowledge’s Veterinary Evidence journal and access their Quality Improvement resources . You could also sign up to RCVS Knowledge’s journal watch ‘inFOCUS’ and monthly newsletter intheKNOW , and subscribe to the CEVM mailing list .

Find out more about EBVM’s equivalent in human medicine by joining the Students 4 Best Evidence network, and by accessing the CEBM website  .

The EBVM Learning team is currently working on a version designed for practitioners with practical tips for applying EBVM in veterinary practices. More details will follow shortly.


Please take a few minutes to provide feedback on this course to help us improve it in future. You can do this via the feedback form.